Digital post

Digital post gives the flexibility to them who lives to a great extend through your lap-top or smart-phone. Content in your postbox will be scanned and e-mailed to you, quick and easy, we agree on what we will scan and what you want us to trash.

Digital post gives you the opportunity to be where ever you want and still receive your post when and where you want it.

Of course we will treat your post with discretion and respect your integrity through the whole process.

  • We collect your post from ( PostNord, Bring or DHL etc)
  • Sort and store the post for you
  • Scan the post and send it to you digital in an e-mail
  • Store the original safely for you
  • We trash your stored post document on your request
  • We have good contact with the Swedish authorities as Skatteverket and help you fill out the form sheet.

You will have control of your post in your smart-phone, tablet or computer where-ever you are.

Prices on Digital post is depending on the amount of scanned letters, please contact us on for your price.