Contact us – FAQ

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Föreningsgatan 28

211 65 Malmö

Phone No.

Telephone: +46 40 12 44 22 (Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00)


Visiting hours

Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00

Opening hours for collecting your mail

Every day 07.00-21.00 (key required)


How do I order a post box with you?

Pay us a visit in person at Föreningsgatan 28 in Malmö, weekdays 09-17 and we will assist you with registration.

How long does it take to get access to the address?

You will have access to your post box and postal address immediately after registration.

Do I need to bring my passport, identification or driver’s license?

Yes, you will have to identify yourself by a valid passport, Swedish ID or Swedish driver’s license card.

I am newly arrived to Sweden – which documents do I have to show?

Bring your MLA-card and a copy of valid passport.

I have no possibility to come in person, can I send a representative in my place to make the registration?

Yes, the representative needs to bring her or his own personal, Swedish identification card or driver’s license card with Swedish social number, or Swedish passport (only Swedish identification papers will be accepted). Also, the representative will have to bring your (the client) Swedish identification card or passport. Note! No copies!

The representative needs to present an authorization signed by you. Authorization form can be required at Poststugan’s office or be sent by e-mail.

How do I manage change of address for free?

Visit Skatteverket –

Are there any post boxes for rent at the moment?

We have lots of boxes for rent!

What does digital postbox mean?

We collect your letters and mail and scan them digitally, after that they will be sent to your mailinbox in pdf-format.

Can a whole family share a post box?

4 grown ups of the same family is permitted per post box. Children under 18 are free. Total number of people on 1 post box, including children, is 6 people.

Can I have my living address at Poststugan?

No, according to Swedish law, you cannot.