This agreement between C&N Sweden AB (below Poststugan), 969786-7142 and the rent taker (below Customer).

§1 Poststugan:s assignment; to daily sort the incoming post to Customers PO box. This is also in regards to currier and other postal suppliers.

§2 Customer contact to Poststugan; All contact with Poststugan requires identification with either the password or valid ID card.

§3 Poststugan: s responsibilities. Poststugan does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage of any kind that might have occurred to mail (letters, packages, etc.) addressed to the customer P.O. Box. Incomplete addresses on any mail or packages will not be sorted or.

§4 A key is lent out to the customer against a deposition, this deposition will be returned if the key is returned in due, time to Poststugan after the agreement is terminated

§5.1 Poststugan provides to the customer following postal address within the given time of the agreement: :

Rent taker PO box xxx,  211 65 Malmö

§5.2 Any form of second hand rent of the PO Box done by them customer leads unconditional to a termination of the agreement.

§5.2.1 Under no circumstances it is allowed to use Poststugan PO box as a residential address. We strongly recommend the Customer to use a ”särskild postal address”

§7 The usages of the PO Box: The Customer warrants with the use of the PO Box not to break any laws of Sweden. If this occurs, Poststugan will terminate the agreement immediately.

§8 Payment terms: Prolongations of the agreement period is automatically done if not the agreement is terminated 2 weeks ahead of the agreement period.

§9 Payment is according to agreed payment method when the agreement is agreed up on. Reminder fee will be charged on late payments.

§10 It is up to the customer to change their address up on termination of either parties of this agreement. Poststugan will not resend any post when the agreement is terminated.

§11 Post that come to Poststugan after the agreement is terminated; the post will be destroyed in a secure way if it comes to Poststugan after the agreement is terminated. There is no resending of any post after the agreement tis terminated.

§12 Poststugan will not repay any rentals fee done by the Customer of not used rental period.

§13 Approval of the agreement; The Customer approve this agreement and general terms with clicking the check box on the registration site of Poststugan.




Poststugan are responsible for the private information we save in our customer database. We need your information such as, name, social security number, current address, e-mail and mobile number so we can create your new post box address. We will save your private information for maximum 9 months after your rent period has terminated. We will delete your information after this period has ended.

If the annual rental fee is not prolonged the P.O. box will be closed and all mail and packages will be treated as follow:

Day <30         Mail will delivered as normal but will be shredded after 30 days if the customer is not pay the agreed rental fee

Day 30-         Poststugan take no responsible of any of the mail or packages that arrives to the customer, it will be destroyed in our shredder

This agreement cannot be transferred to any other party.