Returns e-commerce and drop shipping

Return management in e-commerce and drop shipping is a heavy administrative and practical task that takes a lot of time from you running an e-commerce business. Online shopping is developing rapidly and in particular drop shipping. The need for a practical and well-functioning management of returns is a very important part of your business, both within and outside Swedish borders.

Having a reliable partner with good experience in return management in e-commerce and online shopping, is of vital importance for you and your customers! Are you running a web shop and online sales to Sweden and Swedish customers, delivering from other countries, a reliable and stable return handling is crucial in case of complaints or undelivered packages.

If you currently have an e-shop, online sales or dropshipping business where you as retailer must be able to offer your customers a simple and reliable way to return their goods, we at Poststugan in Malmö can facilitate your everyday life by managing your return and complaint handling. By registering with us, you will receive a return address in Sweden as you state for your customers and which means that all your returns, replacement of goods or complaints will end up with Poststugan. We store and collect your products and then send them back in bulk to your wholesalers or any return address. You save both time, money and work!

We at Poststugan have long experience of this type of return handling services for e-commerce and since 1999 we have helped a large number of companies with a need for a Swedish address for collection and repackaging as well as forwarding back to any address, in Sweden or abroad.


  • You do not have to go to the post and retrieve the return and store it until you have enough returns to send.
  • You avoid the trouble of queuing at the mail to return them to your wholesaler and can spend valuable time on your business and focus on sales and customer relations instead.
  • We receive all kinds of returns from your customers, up to 20 kg.
  • We collect the returns and send them in larger deliveries.
  • We handle various wholesale addresses and notify you when and which returns have gone away.
  • You are billed monthly.

Contact us at, or call +46 40 12 44 22 and we will return with a quote!